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Smart solutions for yacht building and superyacht building

Five maritime companies together form SMI Maritime. This division is carried by the brands Cramm, CrammHLS, Hydromar, Nieland and Swissway. These companies deliver smart solutions for (super)yacht-building and ship-building. SMI Maritime works in close collaboration with SMI Manufacturing in their production process.

Our brands

  • Nieland

  • Cramm Yachting Systems

  • CrammHLS

  • Hydromar Marine Equipment

  • Swissway Marine Holland


Nieland is the world market leader in shipbuilding presses and frame benders and offers a wide range of solutions that make it possible to switch from line heating to cold forming.

Cramm Yachting Systems

Cramm is world market leader in tailor made appliances for (super)yachts, completely customized to the buyers wishes.


CrammHLS produces helicopter landing grids called Heligrid that enable pilots to land safely in any condition.

Hydromar Marine Equipment

Hydromar produces tailor made equipment for yachts based on standard solutions.

Swissway Marine Holland

Swissway offers a wide range of smart boarding equipment for yachts up to 100 ft.

Production partners specialized in machining, sheet metal, assembly, construction and frame building.

Smart solutions for (super) yacht building and ship building, forming the connection between shore and ship.

X-ray solutions for detecting contraband in places that need utmost safety and security.

Working at SMI Groep gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and contribute to innovative projects.