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Expertise, precision and flexibility

At SMI Groep, we believe that every customer deserves a perfect combination of expertise, precision, and flexibility. We are a family-owned business founded in 1980 by Jelle Jelsma and Gabe Spijksma, currently led by Spijksma’s sons, Bauke and Bert. What started as a simple machining and assembly department has grown into a leading player in the manufacturing industry of North Netherlands.

The three divisions of SMI Groep

SMI Groep consists of three divisions: SMI Manufacturing, SMI Maritime, and SMI Security, each excelling in their respective fields. SMI Manufacturing specializes in machining, welding, assembly, frame construction, and structural engineering. SMI Maritime provides smart solutions for (super)yacht and shipbuilding, bridging the gap between coast and ship. SMI Security offers security solutions for contraband detection.

SMI Groep aims to engage in meaningful entrepreneurship with a positive impact on people and nature. We explore opportunities to offer to individuals with limited access to the labor market and promote diversity in our workforce. We are increasingly producing energy-neutral and circular solutions.

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Continuous growth, ongoing innovation, and unparalleled customer satisfaction

Located in the heart of Friesland, where we are part of an innovative technological scene, we strive to make the seemingly impossible possible. Our companies combine their strengths, experience, and knowledge to operate at the forefront of their industries. We take pride in being a collaborative partner that tackles challenges and thinks beyond the obvious.

Every day, we utilize our years of experience, modern production techniques, and state-of-the-art tools, driven by a dedicated and experienced team, to help customers make the right choices in suitable and high-quality technical solutions.

At SMI Groep, we not only aim to deliver high-quality technical solutions but also create an environment where engineering thrives and innovation is encouraged. We take pride in our ability to collaborate on remarkable engineering and create products that bring joy to us and our customers.

Welcome to SMI Groep, where we work together to turn your technical challenges into reality. Our story is one of continuous growth, ongoing innovation, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. We invite you to be part of our story and shape the future of technology with us.


Develop your skills working at SMI Groep

SMI Groep specializes in high-quality engineering and manufacturing. Our companies are active in metalworking, maritime solutions and access control. With more than thirty years of experience, room for innovation and a focus on good entrepreneurship, SMI Groep is the place to develop you skills within the manufacturing industry of the Northern Netherlands. With a team of professionals in the field of concept, design and engineering, we make products that make us and our customers happy.

Production partners specialized in machining, sheet metal, assembly, construction and frame building.

Smart solutions for (super) yacht building and ship building, forming the connection between shore and ship.

X-ray solutions for detecting contraband in places that need utmost safety and security.

Working at SMI Groep gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and contribute to innovative projects.